The ideas for this series of novels/novellas have been around for over 5 years but with the completion of the third Shehkrii book, I’ve started thinking I might jump into a new universe and play there for a while.

So, what’s it about …

In a nutshell –  it’s set in Sydney, Australia and on the surface is a police procedural. The protagonist is a (almost) 17 year old computer prodigy who is the core resource in a police criminal intelligence unit which targets organized & international crime. The reality is that the boy, Jackson (Jax) has manipulated all involved to create the unit to track down those responsible for his murder.

Seventeen years ago, there was a double killing at Rose Bay, a trendy Sydney harbor-side suburb. A middle aged man and woman were shot in broad daylight by a man of Arabic appearance. As he died, the male victim was able to flick a knife into the face of the attacker who subsequently fled. The dead man was unusual in many ways but in particular he was a practitioner of an ancient Chinese form of astral projection. It was not a skill he acquired willingly but the discipline had served him well and he kept those skills keen.

In the panic and pain of death, his soul had fled to the astral plane and traumatized, he railed against the inevitable. At the same time a six month old child miles away, passed peacefully from a once-in-a-million combination of circumstances as his terrified mother froze on discovering her dead newborn.

The man detected the child’s passing and reached out in desperation, reviving the boy and finding himself in the body of a baby.

Weird, eh? It gets better.

While the man appears middle aged and in good health he’s actually much older; early nineties to be precise. How did this happen? Well, for the sake of brevity I’ll have to stop there and ask you to read the first installment. Salesmanship, don’t you know?!!!

But what about the woman who was killed with him. She was the assassin’s real target but neither of them knew that at the time. The reason for her murder was mundane in part but driven by a backstory almost as fascinating as her lover’s.


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