I’ve added 9000 words to this book and republished this morning. The extra is called Debts Paid and is mostly the Zhinkeans backstory plus quite a bit of Vicky Jones – hope you enjoy.

Extract –

The Zhinkean homeworld, ZhaaaGeel, is an unaffiliated planet near the tip of the second galactic arm. It is classified as a semi-dry planetary biosphere and is the fourth planet orbiting a red dwarf star. The equatorial zone is perpetually in storm season and feeds a series of vast and smaller riverine environments that radiate from it in both hemispheres. Small, turbulent oceans dot the equatorial area. Typically, the lands and lakes between these canyons are desertified with only occasional water in shallow depressions.

Seasons are random and driven by the amount of precipitation generated by the equatorial zone. A full solar rotation is equivalent to four hundred and two Earth days and a planetary day, twenty-two-point five Earth hours. The planet has three small moons, one of which is fragmented from unknown impact. Nights vary from dull to pitch black.

Seven thousand nine hundred and fifty-three (Earth) years ago, a cartel of avian corporations descended on ZhaaaGeel and began to strip mine the mineral sands from these desert areas. The quantities involved were vast and the profits massive.

The inhabitants were not consulted.

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