Books 1 & 2 of the series are now available at the Amazon Kindle Store and in paperback. Promo deals are due in a few days.

In a nutshell –

The MULTIVERSE, reincarnation, astral projection, global conspiracies and a genuine AI. What more could you want? This is the first in a series of five novellas revealing the multiple lives of John McManus Springer, Mac, to almost everybody, and the radical circumstances which conspire to open doors for this extraordinary man which very few in the world, let alone the multiverse, know exist.

His journey starts in post-World War II Okinawa but the real action is in the vaults of his mind as he navigates the Silver Path, the directory of the Interstitial Layer, a membrane of non-existence separating the multitude of realities called the multiverse and giving access to them all; if you have what it takes.

Along the way Mac creates a police investigative unit to solve a double murder, and exact a terrible revenge on a global cabal who have taken the most precious person in his life, from him.

Interesting times!

Published by iandavidmartin

Australian; Architect; Writer

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